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  2. I cannot be satisfied until I speak with angels
    I require to behold the eye of god
    to cast my own being into the cosmos as bait for miracles
    to breathe air and spew visions
    to unlock that door which stands already open and enter into the presence
    of that which I cannot imagine

    I require answers for which I have not yet learned the questions

    I demand the access of enlightenment, the permutation into the miraculous
    the presence of the unendurable light

    perhaps in the same way that caterpillars demand their lepidoptera wings
    or tadpoles demand their froghood
    or the child of man demands his exit
    from the safe warm womb

    — Lenore Kandel, “Age of Consent”

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  4. As is the human body, So is the cosmic body.
    As is the human mind, So is the common mind.
    As is the microcosm, So is the macrocosm.
    As is the atom, So is the universe.
    — The Upanishads

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  5. Be an artist of consciousness. Your picture of reality is your most important creation. Make it powerfully profoundly beautiful.
    — Alex Grey

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  6. But even if real men are hard to find, they do exist, and they are worth waiting for. So don’t get discouraged on your journey toward inward excellence. To real men, your purity is beautiful, and it will be highly esteemed someday.
    — When God Writes Your Love Story

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  7. bharatuntoldstory:

    The ash-Vibhuti has several symbolic meanings:

    When eaten, Vibuthi imparts the blessings (Sanskrit: adhishthana) of the divine.
    Placed on the forehead of devotees, it serves as a sectarian mark (tilaka).
    In worship connected with Lord Shiva it is a symbol of purity and is one of the main sacraments given at pūjā in all Śaivite temples and shrine.
    It serves as a reminder to the believer to cast away selfish and worldly desires that wrap the self in Maya, and calls to mind the story of how Shiva burned Kama (the god of desire) to ashes when Kama attempted to break Shiva’s focus on the Divine Truth.

    The most common reason produced by Hindus for this practice is one should always remember that nothing in this world is permanent and even his own (self – who applies it) body would one day end up in a cup of ash. So every human should abolish his selfishness and develop love among every creature in this world.
    Vibhuti created from sacred fire (Homa) also contains positive energy. This energy prevents our body from the attack of negative energy in our body. This relieves our body from pain and mental stress.

    The Scientific reason behind the application of this sacred ash on forehead is that it has the ability to absorb the moisture and kill bacteria from the bones and joints. You might have noticed people applying this sacred ash on joints and elbows. This is the reason for the practice of applying the sacred ash on the forehead. It is also applied by people during a fever or illness and the reason might not be known to them or they may think that it brings up the god’s notice to cure them. The actual reason is it absorbs the moisture and kills bacteria present in the forehead. Scientifically it prevents sinus problems and other bacterial disease.


  8. Do not be misled by what you see around you, or be influenced by what you see. You live in a world which is a playground of illusion, full of false paths, false values and false ideals. But you are not part of that world.
    — Sai Baba

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  9. The truth is that waking up can be a disturbing process. Who really wants to find out that everything they thought was real was nothing but a pocket full of dreams? Who wants to find out that everything they hold onto and cling to is the very reason they suffer? Who really wants to find out that we’re all addicted to qualities like approval, recognition, control, and power, and that none of these things actually bring an end to suffering? In fact, they’re the cause of suffering! So the truth is that most of us don’t really want to wake up. We don’t really want to end suffering. What we really want to do is manage our suffering to have a little less of it, so that we can just go on with our lives as they are, unchanged, the way we want to live them, maybe feeling a little better about them.
    — Adyashanti

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  10. Wisdom is knowing I am nothing,
    Love is knowing I am everything,
    and between the two my life moves.
    — Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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